How to install X-Score?

The X-Score program is written in ANSI C++ language and has been tested on UNIX and LINUX platforms. After downloading the program package, please move it to the directory where you would like the program to be installed. Then, install the program through the following three-step procedure.

Step 1: Uncompress the package

You can do this in a Unix / Linux shell as:

gunzip  xscore.tar.gz

tar  -xvf  xscore.tar

You will get a directory named as "xscore_v1.2" under your working directory. Under that directory, there are several subdirectories:

Step 2: Compile the source codes

Go into the "c++/" subdirectory and run the compiling script "Makefile" by typing:


The script will compile the source codes automatically and generate an executable code "xscore". Now copy this executable code to the directory "bin/" and use it from there thereafter. This will prevent accidental loss of source codes.

cp xscore ../bin

Please notice that the default C++ compiler assigned in the "Makefile" script is the SGI MIPS "CC" compiler. If you are using a different C++ compiler on your computer, e.g. the GNU compiler "g++", you are supposed to change the line in the "Makefile" script started with "CC = ". You may also want to enable certain flags of the compiler to make the executable code work more efficiently on your computer. What kinds of flags should be used depends on the type of your compiler and also your computer. Please consult with an expert if you are not sure about what to do.

We have included a copy of pre-compiled, executable code "xscore" under the "bin/" directory. It was compiled on an SGI Octane2/R12000 workstation running IRIX 6.5. You have a good chance to use it directly if you are also using the same kind of SGI workstation.

Currently we have no plan to provide a solution for Windows/DOS users. Such users are welcome to compile the source codes themselves.

Step 3: Configure the environment variables

You also need to set a few environment variables to run "xscore" anywhere regardless its installation location. If you are using C shell, please add the following lines to the ".cshrc" file (or ".login", ".profile", whichever you are more used to) under your login directory:

setenv XTOOL_HOME   the_installation_directory_of_X-Score
set path = ($path  $XTOOL_BIN)

If you are using other types of shell, please add the equivalent contents to your configuration file.

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